If you have a confirmed booking and need to cancel or modify it, first attempt to locate instructions in your confirmation email. You will need to reach out directly to the owner via email. If this option does not work, you may need to contact Customer Support for further assistance.

  • The cancellation will be effective after due confirmation from our side and a notification to this effect will be sent to you.
  • After cancellation of a service, you will not be required to make any additional payments for the period after the cancellation has been confirmed.
  • XPLENT is not liable for any refund of the holding deposit. In case of cancellation, the accommodation provider has the final decision regarding the refund of the holding deposit.
  • Once the owner has cancelled your reservation and initiated any potential refund, it may take 5-7 business days to post to your account, depending on your banks policies.

If you cancel a reservation within the terms and conditions that gives you a partial refund only, the fees associated with your booking will not be refunded